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A service that fits your needs
Below are a list of services we provide by discipline to better assist you in your decision to choose Holmes Innovations.

service categories

Creative development & implementation, copy writing, account management, division management, product development (form and functionality), marketing support, third-party coordination (advertising, PR and marketing firms), usability studies (focus group validation), user interface and target marketing proof of concept, technology management (aligning user experience with the required programming), budget allocation and accountability. Developed and deployed over 300 Web sites and online applications to-date.

Creative concepts & development, branding & identity, advertising, collateral, online, various media, account management, department management, copy writing, sales support (concept development and presentation), campaign analysis and refinement, budget allocation and accountability.

Brand development, business plans, marketing plans, concept development, client services, internal/external positioning, continuity assurance, focus groups/surveys, copy writing, corporate identity, budget allocation and accountability.
Creative development and implementation, redesigns & strategies (and focus group validation), circulation & fulfillment support, sales (media kit) support, "pub-set" advertising direction, conference & seminar support (collateral and house ads), newsletters, global multi-language publishing, manufacturing and pre-press management, vendor negotiations, budget allocation and accountability.
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