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The benefits of a full service company
By combining the expertise from a myriad of trained professionals, we offer a cohesive consulting platform that can avoid costly mistakes and development setbacks. Whether we provide a missing component to your existing strategy, offer a 'reality check' to your plan or provide turnkey services for the complete job, the variation are limitless.


Holmes Innovations provides all aspects of design, development implementation and monitoring/maintenence of Internet destinations. We also offer advertising & marketing development and support for our customers. For our Internet customers we provide ...

Project Management
Are you in the middle of a project and need assistance? Is managing your vendor relations becoming too overwhelming? Our success in project management is unrivaled. We can assist your company in managing an existing project or help you specify the correct information to make your development efforts a success.
Technical Specification
A technical specifications consulting engagement can further enable your Internet and eCommerce initiatives while providing the necessary foundation for purchasing, leasing or integrating a variety of hardware and software configurations.

Design Documentation
A design document provides you and your company with the necessary specification to create the scope, requirements and "blueprints" for your project. Design documents can include specific focus on areas where you lack expertise or complete documentation and specification including a working prototype and resulting standard and training manuals.

Creative Design and Architecture
Creative consultations range from adding an extension to your existing site to a complete design and information architecture overhaul. This process can also provide you with usability studies, design standards and creative feature and function enhancements that match your current branding of special promotion.
Marketing Strategy
The success of your I-Net development relies on an effective marketing strategy. Creating a plan that both supports your initial effort and ongoing initiatives is imperative to your overall success and return on your investment. We can assist your company in a wide variety of services to compliment your efforts or create an entire plan of execution.
System Integration
Maybe you have already purchased some software and need assistance integrating it within your existing architecture. We have vast expertise regarding integration involving heterogeneous environments.
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